I Finally found it !!!

Hi Everyone !! ūüôā

So I will warn you this post is a little bit random and a bit pointless…..ah well, its a day in the life of moi

About 5ish weeks ago a tragedy occurred…I lost my Mac¬†Velvet teddy lipstick ! (If you don’t know already its my fave ever, ever, EVER. But anyways because it was then the exam period directly after I just sort of forgot about it as I was thinking about more important things than makeup haha ,and¬†i barely wore any through out¬†those few very intense weeks. However as¬†I¬†emerged from the exam period like Daenerys emerging from the flames a new women (sorry…Game of Thrones reference…I love that show !)¬†And I began to invest a bit more time in my makeup ,remembered that my go to favourite lipstick was gone !! after searching every millimetre of my bedroom and house I accepted the fact that¬† I was going to have to either A, accept its disappearance and hoped it magically turned up eventually, if ever. Or B, buy another one. So me being as impatient as I am bought another¬† one about a week ago …

Fast¬†forward to yesterday and as I’m stood in Weatherspoon’s waiting for the rain to stop so I can leg it to the town square to meet my friend I go to move my hair¬†and my hand brushes the top¬†pocket on my jacket. I realize that there is something inside. So I reach inside an pull out…THE ORIGINAL VELVET TEDDY LIPSTICK …hahahah¬† I’m such an idiot. I literally wear this jacket nearly every day and somehow I never thought to check that pocket. In my defence its a tiny little pocket and is in a weird place (over my boob area…) so yeah now I have two velvet teddy lipsticks haha. Its sods law that I cant find it for weeks and as soon as I buy another it turns up. And Mac lipsticks aren’t exactly cheap either…

But there you go,¬†I hope you enjoyed this rather pointless story about how awkward¬†I am haha. So entil next time… BBYYYEEEE



A little trip to Boots…


Hey everyone !!

Whilst In boots¬†the other day with my cousin, I had a bit of a what the hell moment, and a quick pit stop to pick up a mascara turned in a full on splurge…



I decided to branch out and¬†try a different mascara, one that I had never used before. This Super Curler volume and curl mascara from Rimmel looked promising and wasn’t to expensive either (¬£6.99) so I decided to give it a go. iv only been using it for a couple of days so I haven’t really formed a full opinion of it yet, but it seems to be doing the trick… I also picked up the Collection Extreme 24 hour¬†felt tip¬†liner. I had actually given this to my mum for mothers day, and she said that it was good and let me try it out and I have to agree. it works like a felt tip pen which makes wings much easier for a novice such as my self, seriously I’m a bit hopeless when it comes to winged eyeliner.



I definitely went a¬† bit overboard ¬†with the nail polish haha. But at only ¬£2.99 each I just couldn’t say no. I bite my nails see, so I’m always trying to find a way to make them look a little less ragged. I actually managed to get myself out of the habit a couple of years ago, but the stress of A levels have left me right back at square 1 ūüė¶ so I’m now back in the process of growing my nails again. These four shades from the Rimmel Rita Ora collection, which I have named above, are all so pretty and summery…well maybe the grey isn’t as light and summery but its the kind of colour that looks good all year round…I’m actually wearing it on my nails right now !



This Nivea light moisturising day cream is actually a repurchase. I was in the process of squeezing out the last couple of drops the last week so I decided to get another one as I really like it ! The one I get (the normal/combination skin) has spf 15 which is handy with it being summer. I also think that the smell is delicious !! which is weird because it kind of smells like sun cream haha , but a nice sun cream. I was also pleasantly surprised when I found that it was half price at £2.51 ! Bargain.

I hope you enjoyed this little haul, let me know if you have any makeup or skincare recommendations ! Byyeeee





Review: ST. Moriz self tanner

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night everyone ! ūüôā

Today I thought I would give a (not so) quick review of the St Moriz self tanning mousse.


I will just disclaim that this is actually the first instant self tanner I have used so I cannot compare it to other instant tan brands. However, before tying this I used gradual tanning moisturizer, so I can compare to that.

So firstly, I had always used a gradual tanner rather than a full on instant tanner as ,being very light skinned I was terrified that if I used a proper tanner that I would resemble a similar shade to an oompa loopa ! therefore not only did I use a gradual tanner, but¬†I also used the lightest shade possible ! And although I did ,and still do like the brand of gradual tanner I used (Dove summer glow) and did show a slight difference even after the first application,¬†I was just too impatient and got bored of having to apply it every night, so a few weeks ago, I was out in town with¬†a friend, and¬†I decided to pick one up. I didn’t want to go for the pricier ST Tropez that my friend used, just encase I didn’t like it (¬†I¬†didn’t want to waste my money) so she suggested St Moriz ( which was on sale¬†for only ¬£3 in Wilkinsons !!!) ¬†which she used as well as St Tropez.

The first thing I loved about it, which Im guessing is the same for all instant tanners ,is that you can actually see where you have put it ! with the gradual tanner I would often miss spots and it would be hella patchy. I was worried about this instant tanner¬†coming out uneven and patchy as it was a cheap brand,¬†but I haven’t had that problem with ST Moriz. I think this was because I exfoliated before hand and I moisturised the dry areas before applying like knees, elbows etc… so I recommend doing that ! Also I would suggest using a mitt rather than your hands.

Also being a cheaper brand, I was worried that the colour of the tan itself wouldn’t be as nice as say the St Tropez, and that it would be orangey.. but NOPE. It was a perfect shade. It wasn’t orange at all. The first time I used it I left it to develop for the minimum time, 4 hours and then washed it of and it was just right, I even had some wriggle room that if I wanted to go darker I could. The second time I used it I got a bit braver and left it on to develop over night ! I will say that there was a little bit of fake tan on the inside of my T-shirt when I woke up in the morning but it wasn’t any thing to¬†drastic, and it was an old T-shirt that I only wear to bed anyway so I didn’t mind. And again once I had washed it off it was the perfect¬†shade ! just a bit darker than the previous tan.

After this I headed out to meet a group of friends to go to the beach, one of them being the friend I mentioned earlier who used St Tropez. She had also fake tanned the night before  but using St Tropez, and I kid you not, our tans were EXACTLY THE SAME.  Except she had paid a lot more for it than I had ! haha

So to sum up I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a good instant tanner who’s not looking to spend a lot. I will defiantly continue to use this product, and I will be¬†repurchasing. I may pick up some St Tropez in the future just to give it a go, and see if I can notice any differences.¬†But for now I am very happy using St Moriz.

Thank you for reading, Byyyeee ūüôā