UPDATE : Summary of the Last Year + what I learnt from my first year at Uni

Hello again πŸ™‚

So what HAVE I actually been up to over the last year ??? If you want the short answer …so much !! However if you want the painfully long winded and detailed version then stick around folks πŸ˜‰

So first off I moved to A beautiful place called Bournemouth on the south coast of England to attend Uni.


photography by moi πŸ˜‰

I lived in student accommodation in a six bed flat with both male and female, and studied TV Production. I am definitely one of the lucky ones to instantly have found the right course for me ! Its definitely challenging ! and at times iv been so stressed I wanted to tear my hair out but it is definitely worth it ! I’m pretty proud of the 2:1 I achieved this year. I love the course and I am 100% sure it is the industry I want a career in and I am excited for year 2 !. To try not to babble on to much Iv compiled a list of things I learnt I first year that you guys might find useful…

  1. Budget– or at least try not to go into your overdraft. Luckily I didn’t end up in over draft (thanks to budgeting) but future you will hate past you if you have to spend your whole summer working to pay it off !
  2. Value food is actually pretty good – 20p beans, 50p bread are honestly fine, your pocket will thank you later.
  3. Don’t be THAT flatmate– For the sake of peace in the flat don’t be the flatmate that makes a mess and doesn’t clean up, or don’t be that flatmate that keeps everyone awake until 4 in the morning with your noise. You get the point, just be considerate of others.
  4. Have fun ! but don’t slack too much- first year is essentially an excuse to party and have fun and not worry too much about the consequences as first year grades don’t count . But do make sure you at least pass the course otherwise you wont be allowed to continue with the course !
  5. Embrace the highs and the lows– you will feel lonely at times, and lost, but trust me you are not the only one !!!! its a big change and your emotions are going to be running on over drive. But you will also have highs when you love it ! The freedom, the friends and the laughs. Sometimes it takes a while to find the people you really click with but don’t worry you will find the eventually !

That’s all for now folks. hopefully this post has filled you in a bit ! xx

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