I Got into University !

Hey everyone ! 🙂

So as you can probably gather from the  Title…I GOT INTO UNIVERSITY !! Wooohoooooo. I cant believe I did it. I was looking at apprenticeships before my results even came out as I was sure that I would not get in.

So in September I’m off to do a Television Production degree and I’m buzzing ! I’m so excited ! Although I have so much to sort out its crazy. I literally haven’t bought any of my stuff for Uni as I didn’t even know I was going ! so I have a month to sort it all out which is a bit stressful haha. But Oh well ,I’m sure that I will get everything sorted in time.

But I will also admit . I’m so nervous ! Not about looking after myself though. I know that I can. I can cook, clean, budget and I’m very responsible. No, I’m worried about the home sickness, and loneliness. Particularly my little brother. He’s only 7 and I’m fiercely Protective of him. I’m worried that because he is so young that if I don’t see him for long periods of time , we will lose that special relationship. But there is always Skype I suppose, and I’m only 2 1/2 hours drive away so you can go there and back in a day.

So expect a Uni home ware and kitchen haul coming soon hah…you have been warned 😉

And I hope that you all had a fab results day ! lots of love xxx


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