Festival Fun Times…Hopefully


Hey everyone !

Tomorrow I head off to Bordmasters which is a music festival in down in Cornwall, and so far everything is going smoothly…no sign of rain in the forecast for this weekend….iv got my tickets…im going with four of my best girls friends….there’s just one problem. I HATE CAMPING. I know you’re probably wondering why I even decided to go on this trip, as I will be camping for 4 nights. Well when September rolls around we will all be going our separate ways and will not see each other very often. So this is one last chance for us to all go and have a good time.

But I’m planning to make the camping part as bearable as possible by making it as cosy and comfy as possible. we are sharing two tents between the 5 of us, a tent of 3 and a tent of 2. I’m in the tent of 3, and we have decided as well to draw on and decorate the outside of the tent as well which should be fun.

I get home on the Monday and then 3 days later is results day ! eek ! I’ll update you either on results day or the day after on how both Boardmasters and Results day went .

see you then ! xxx



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