How to Survive Results Day


A little while back I made a blog post entitled How to Survive Exams. So as a continuation of that I thought I would write about how to survive results day.

Just writing about results day is giving me butterflies haha. Is that a little sad ? probably. But with it looming around the corner I’ve found myself thinking more and more about it. What will my grades be ? will I go to university? will I get an apprenticeship ? will my family be proud of me ? will I be proud of myself ? But here is some of my advice for you (and myself) on how to get through it.

Get some sleep the night before

I know from experience that this can be a hard one. When I’m nervous I don’t sleep. But if you are tired then you will be less able to function correctly and on results day, especially for A levels you need to be able to make smart decisions. For example if I do by some miracle get into my first choice uni then I still have to book accommodation and pay deposits. If I don’t get in there are many decisions I will have to face. Like potentially going through clearing, or deciding not to go at all, or even undergoing the task of cancelling student loans. All of which I will need to be well rested for.

Maybe go without your friends and meet them later 

Going with friends can add extra pressure and concerns. I always used to worry about if my grades would be so much worse than everyone else. Also I was less able to show my emotions. I’m one of these people that if I want to cry , I hold it in entil I am in private. Equally if I am happy with my results I’m gonna want to shout it from the rooftops and allow myself to be happy. However when you’re with a friend who is upset about their results, you cant exactly act like you won the lottery. You end up having to down play your achievements and look after the other person. Which of course I would always want to comfort and look after my friend, which is actually what I ended up doing on AS results day. But still it kind of means I cant be proud of myself as that could be seen as rubbing it in to everyone else.

Grades don’t define you and have a back up plan

And remember even if it all goes wrong its not the end of the world ! I know it can feel like it at the time but as one door closes ,another opens. Take my friend that I mentioned earlier. She revised and worked like a trooper and yet on AS results day found that she had not achieved grades that allowed her to continue with A levels. However she is now doing a Btec in Health and social care and has realised that she wants to go into nursing ! if she hadn’t failed her AS levels she would never have discovered her passion !

I hope that this helps anyone who’s having kittens over results day like me ! do you have any ways of dealing with results day? if so leave them in the comments ! I would love to hear them and we can all support each other 🙂

I wish you all lots of love and luck xxx




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