A Trip to Primark


Good morning/ afternoon/ evening lovelies

I went on a bit of a road trip with my Dad and Sister the other day and found my self in the middle of a 4 story Primark !!! My excitement was uncontrollable haha. So I thought I would show you what I bought, seen as Primark is beginning to slowly but surely swap out the strappy tops and flip flops for warmer clothes, marking the approach of the colder months !!

DSC_0127This cosy sweatshirt was definitely the best bargain  I bagged as it was only £2 in the sale section !! I was actually looking for something like this to take to a festival I am going to in a week. As I am going to be camping I wanted something warm, cosy and comfortable to throw on in the evenings or if I got a bit chilly.

This top will also be ideal in the colder months for just wearing around the house, so this will be added to my collection of comfy chill out cloths haha.






This Jumper is just perfect. I find that with most jumpers I have to wear a top underneath as the woollen material, although warm, is very itchy and irritating on my skin. However the material on this jumper is quite smooth and not scratchy at all ! I can wear this without a top underneath no problem.

Its slightly cropped at the bottom, but not enough that my stomach is showing. If I wear high wasted jeans with it then my stomach stays warm ! haha






Again this skirt was definitely a savvy buy in terms of price ! I had been looking at buying a skirt like this for ages. And one my friends own an almost identical skirt from new look for Twenty something pounds. I got mine….drum roll please…. for £8 !!! so I am chuffed to bits with this purchase.

And I could get away with this skirt all year round. Im thinking add a jumper tucked in at the waist , black woollen tights and boots In the autumn/winter. Then wear it with a crop top and converse or vans in the summer ?



Finally I picked up a pair of these black Chelsea boots. I actually bought this exact pair of boots last year from Primark and they quickly became my go to shoes. However I wore them so much through out the year that eventually the sole ended up separating from the boot itself ! But considering I wore them constantly, and I mean like 5 or 6 out of the 7 days in the week in all weather and terrain they did me well. So I decided to pick up another pair for this year. If you’re interested I actually got them from the children’s section as I have size 5 feet and that’s the size shoe that the kids section in Primark goes up to.

I hope you enjoyed this little haul , I’ll see you next time ! xxx


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