I Finally found it !!!

Hi Everyone !! 🙂

So I will warn you this post is a little bit random and a bit pointless…..ah well, its a day in the life of moi

About 5ish weeks ago a tragedy occurred…I lost my Mac Velvet teddy lipstick ! (If you don’t know already its my fave ever, ever, EVER. But anyways because it was then the exam period directly after I just sort of forgot about it as I was thinking about more important things than makeup haha ,and i barely wore any through out those few very intense weeks. However as I emerged from the exam period like Daenerys emerging from the flames a new women (sorry…Game of Thrones reference…I love that show !) And I began to invest a bit more time in my makeup ,remembered that my go to favourite lipstick was gone !! after searching every millimetre of my bedroom and house I accepted the fact that  I was going to have to either A, accept its disappearance and hoped it magically turned up eventually, if ever. Or B, buy another one. So me being as impatient as I am bought another  one about a week ago …

Fast forward to yesterday and as I’m stood in Weatherspoon’s waiting for the rain to stop so I can leg it to the town square to meet my friend I go to move my hair and my hand brushes the top pocket on my jacket. I realize that there is something inside. So I reach inside an pull out…THE ORIGINAL VELVET TEDDY LIPSTICK …hahahah  I’m such an idiot. I literally wear this jacket nearly every day and somehow I never thought to check that pocket. In my defence its a tiny little pocket and is in a weird place (over my boob area…) so yeah now I have two velvet teddy lipsticks haha. Its sods law that I cant find it for weeks and as soon as I buy another it turns up. And Mac lipsticks aren’t exactly cheap either…

But there you go, I hope you enjoyed this rather pointless story about how awkward I am haha. So entil next time… BBYYYEEEE



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