Travel Essentials


Hey everyone ūüôā

I know that a few of you guys are going travelling soon and seeing as I’m also off to Turkey for a week in 3 weeks ! I thought that it was only right to talk with you guys about my travel essentials ! I will say that these are probably geared more at airport travel but a lot of them can also be applied to any form of long journey.

Hand Sanitizer

Airports and train stations can be grubby places, and is home to a whole host of germy surfaces. So I like to carry around a little hand sanitizer as no one wants to be getting sick on holiday ! just bear in mind though that if you are taking it through airport customs you can only carry less than 100 ml, and also the container must be no bigger than 100 ml so even if you have a half filled 200 ml container it will not be allowed through !

Chap stick

I¬†don’t know if this is just me but when I’v had a long, tiring day my lips always dry out and really start to hurt and burn ! so¬†I always make sure I have a chap stick with me. Again if you are carrying these through customs they must be put in a clear plastic bag. For this reason¬†I do not carry any other makeup in my hand luggage apart from my chap stick, just to make life that little bit easier …


I recommend wearing your comfiest shoes whilst travelling to avoid sore feet as much as possible, however sometimes even the comfiest of shoes can give you blisters with the amount of walking you do around an airport. and there in nothing worse than having to do a lot of walking with every step causing you pain, so always bring plasters, just in case !


So in my case I have a 2 hour car ride to the airport, a 4 hour flight to Turkey and then another 1 hour¬†drive to where we are staying ! So¬†I am definitely going to be in need of something to help the hours pass…¬† I always make sure¬†I have some sort of reading material, whether it be a magazine or a book. In most cases I have both ! I read ridiculously fast and when I’m really into a book¬†I can finish it in a day ! so I tend to really stock up on my reading material. Also a phone, Mp3 or IPod is usually a good shout so that you can listen to your tunes, just don’t forget to bring head phones !

This is an important one…FOOD AND DRINK

Its easy to forget about food and drink when you’re rushing around trying not to miss your flight, and usually¬†I will end up buying something to eat in duty free. However sometimes this isn’t always an option if you are running late. Also buying food on the plane is bloody expensive !! So¬†I always make sure that¬†I have at least a little snack with me, and¬†I know that if¬†I don’t eat it, I’m sure either¬†one of my siblings will gobble it up for me !I’ll usually have something like a banana,¬†or a cereal bar or a sandwich.¬†Also it important to keep hydrated at any time of the year so make sure you have a bottle of H2O on you. But remember you cant take bottled water through customs ,so finish up the bottle before and then replace it with another in duty free.


Don’t forget the important¬†stuff !! Passport, money, tickets, documents etc. Because I doubt you will get very far without them … ūüėČ

thank you for reading and let me know in the comments what your travel essentials are !

Byyeeeeee ūüôā xxx






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