Review: ST. Moriz self tanner

Good morning/afternoon/evening/night everyone ! ūüôā

Today I thought I would give a (not so) quick review of the St Moriz self tanning mousse.


I will just disclaim that this is actually the first instant self tanner I have used so I cannot compare it to other instant tan brands. However, before tying this I used gradual tanning moisturizer, so I can compare to that.

So firstly, I had always used a gradual tanner rather than a full on instant tanner as ,being very light skinned I was terrified that if I used a proper tanner that I would resemble a similar shade to an oompa loopa ! therefore not only did I use a gradual tanner, but¬†I also used the lightest shade possible ! And although I did ,and still do like the brand of gradual tanner I used (Dove summer glow) and did show a slight difference even after the first application,¬†I was just too impatient and got bored of having to apply it every night, so a few weeks ago, I was out in town with¬†a friend, and¬†I decided to pick one up. I didn’t want to go for the pricier ST Tropez that my friend used, just encase I didn’t like it (¬†I¬†didn’t want to waste my money) so she suggested St Moriz ( which was on sale¬†for only ¬£3 in Wilkinsons !!!) ¬†which she used as well as St Tropez.

The first thing I loved about it, which Im guessing is the same for all instant tanners ,is that you can actually see where you have put it ! with the gradual tanner I would often miss spots and it would be hella patchy. I was worried about this instant tanner¬†coming out uneven and patchy as it was a cheap brand,¬†but I haven’t had that problem with ST Moriz. I think this was because I exfoliated before hand and I moisturised the dry areas before applying like knees, elbows etc… so I recommend doing that ! Also I would suggest using a mitt rather than your hands.

Also being a cheaper brand, I was worried that the colour of the tan itself wouldn’t be as nice as say the St Tropez, and that it would be orangey.. but NOPE. It was a perfect shade. It wasn’t orange at all. The first time I used it I left it to develop for the minimum time, 4 hours and then washed it of and it was just right, I even had some wriggle room that if I wanted to go darker I could. The second time I used it I got a bit braver and left it on to develop over night ! I will say that there was a little bit of fake tan on the inside of my T-shirt when I woke up in the morning but it wasn’t any thing to¬†drastic, and it was an old T-shirt that I only wear to bed anyway so I didn’t mind. And again once I had washed it off it was the perfect¬†shade ! just a bit darker than the previous tan.

After this I headed out to meet a group of friends to go to the beach, one of them being the friend I mentioned earlier who used St Tropez. She had also fake tanned the night before  but using St Tropez, and I kid you not, our tans were EXACTLY THE SAME.  Except she had paid a lot more for it than I had ! haha

So to sum up I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a good instant tanner who’s not looking to spend a lot. I will defiantly continue to use this product, and I will be¬†repurchasing. I may pick up some St Tropez in the future just to give it a go, and see if I can notice any differences.¬†But for now I am very happy using St Moriz.

Thank you for reading, Byyyeee ūüôā






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