Summer Clothing Essentials

summer cloths

Hey everyone! I hope you are having a great day !

So its finally June and officially summer , woohoo ! and even though the weather has been crappy the last couple of days, iv got my fingers crossed for some good weather coming soon though. So in preparation for this hopefully soon to be arriving glorious weather I have been getting together my essentials for the summer 🙂



One of my all time favourite combos in the summer is a crop top with a big checked shirt thrown over the top. Although my checked shirt collection is beginning to get way to big and slightly out of control…this blue shirt from new look is my favourite. Iv had this for about 6 months and its crazy how much use I have gotten out of it ! I also like to take it to the beach with me and use it as a cover up over my bikini if I feel my self beginning to burn ! I also picked up these two crop tops from Topshop in a 2 for £10 deal and I think I might have to go back and get some more colours ! My favourite way to wear these are under shirts or under my denim dungarees.



So iv added in some extras than cant be seen in the first image as I couldn’t fit all of my favourites in one picture haha ! for my essentials I have gone for a pair of short dungarees from New Look , some denim high waisted shorts, again from new look. And a pair of black high waisted jeans from Primark ( which is a staple all year round for me to be honest…) all of these items iv had for about a year now, and they have served me well !



In the summer I tend to mix it up a bit. I prefer to wear closed shoes like my converse of plimsolls when I am say in town, at college or going for a walk. However I whip out my sandals if Im going to say the beach, or picnic. Also I am getting together some sandals for my up coming holiday to Turkey ( so excited !! only 4 weeks to go !! )



So ill let you in to a little secret, all the jewellery in the image above is from…..PRIMARK ! crazy ! I have been very impressed by  Primark’s jewellery this spring/ summer. I love the bobho/ festival/Aztec theme they have gone for. I have had a look in other shops at the jewellery in places like New look, Topshop, River Island and Claires but in my opinion, Primark is still winning on the jewellery front.

Hat and Sunglasses


And of course everyone needs a hat and pair of sunnies in the summer. My sun glasses are from Primark and they were something like £2 or £2.50 ! complete bargain. and my hat is from accessorise was on sale. Although I cant actually remember how much it was :/ I was so thrilled to actually find a hat that fit my head ! I have a bit of pea head so most hats either fall off or slip down and cover my eyes….

Thankyou for reading !! Byyyeee





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