Goodbye Exams Hello FREEDOM !!

Hey Everyone !!

long time no post ..but now I’m back and exams are over ! This feeling of freedom and relief is amazing. It like a huge weight has been taken off of my shoulders and my mind can breath. And in this moment I don’t care if iv passed or failed, I’m just so happy that its all behind me.

So naturally , as I stressed continuously about my exams I began to imagine my future and how the results I got in these exams would effect my future and career path. would I get good grades ?  would I get into my first choice uni? would I get into uni at all?  and if I didn’t, would this mess up my entire career ? and then I realized something… IT DIDNT MATTER. Going to university, and in fact exam results in general is not the be all and end all. I think that it is important for anyone ever taking exams to understand this ! we have had it drilled into us from the age of 4 or 5 that if we don’t go to university, will not succeed in life. This is simply not true !!! there are other ways of getting into your dream career/ job without going to university. Apprenticeships ?  volunteer ? building up a portfolio? starting at the bottom and working your way up ?

Now, i realize that if you dream of becoming something along the lines of a doctor or lawyer then yes a degree is required, but for someone like me who wants to work in the television industry , university is a choice, not a requirement. Its something that I want to do and I absolutely love the sound of the course. And I find it incredibly frustrating that everything rests on a 1-2 hour period at the end of the year when there could be many external factors affecting an individuals performance like stress, physical and mental exhaustion or perhaps even problems at home.

So in a nutshell should you work hard for your exams ? Yes. Should you try to achieve the best you can? Yes. should you revise and stress so much that it begins to effect your health and wellbeing ? hell NO. Although it is completely normal and justified to feel stressed and under pressure, don’t let it go to far ! You are your top priority !! if exams are not your thing DONT PANIC there are plenty of other routes.



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