Quick update

Hi everyone 🙂

So due to my exams getting ever closer, unfortunately until they are over I wont be able to post for a couple of weeks (grrr) But just in case you thought I was abandoning this blog I’m not, I promise !! I will be back haha.

Thankfully photography is all coursework so that’s all been completed and handed in, so that’s one subject ticked off my list ! and then on the 8th of June I have 2 exams !! my media studies exam and my first psychology exam ( I’m dreading psychology :/) Then on the 14th of June I have my last psychology exam !! and then I’m free for the summer woohoo !!! And I can post as much as I want ! So now iv just got to get through these next couple of weeks and then I can walk out of my last exam and breath a sigh of relief that its all done and over with.

So for those lucky buggers who have finished for the summer, go out and soak up the beautiful weather and enjoy your freedom ! And for the rest of us who still have exams to do, remember we only have a couple weeks to push through and then it will all be a memory and we can get on with the important task of relaxing !

good luck everyone xx


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