Jodie Whittaker as the 13th Doctor: My Thoughts

Hello all

I realize that this is a different kind of post than my previous/ usual content. However I confess to you now. I’m a wee bit of a Tv/ Film/ Theatre geek ! and this is the sort of content that I would now like to explore as well as my usual content !

So let me start by first saying that I am thrilled at the casting choice !jodie_doctor_who

Jodie Whittaker is a brilliant actress , and although I haven’t watched Broadchurch ( I know shock , horror!) I have seen her in shows such as Marchlands which I enjoyed immensely.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the direction that both she as the doctor and the show in general will be taken by the new show runner Chris Chibnal, who worked with Whittaker on Broadchurch. Will the new doctor  embrace her feminine side ? or be confused by a female body ? Will she be silly ? funny ? serious? angry ? and will the new companion be male or female ? and how will the dynamic between the two of them be ?

I’m so excited to have these questions answered and look forward to the shows new beginning. Personally I feel that this is the fresh start that the show  needed !

What do you guys think of the casting choice ? I would love to here your views in the comments ! xx


UPDATE : Summary of the Last Year + what I learnt from my first year at Uni

Hello again 🙂

So what HAVE I actually been up to over the last year ??? If you want the short answer …so much !! However if you want the painfully long winded and detailed version then stick around folks 😉

So first off I moved to A beautiful place called Bournemouth on the south coast of England to attend Uni.


photography by moi 😉

I lived in student accommodation in a six bed flat with both male and female, and studied TV Production. I am definitely one of the lucky ones to instantly have found the right course for me ! Its definitely challenging ! and at times iv been so stressed I wanted to tear my hair out but it is definitely worth it ! I’m pretty proud of the 2:1 I achieved this year. I love the course and I am 100% sure it is the industry I want a career in and I am excited for year 2 !. To try not to babble on to much Iv compiled a list of things I learnt I first year that you guys might find useful…

  1. Budget– or at least try not to go into your overdraft. Luckily I didn’t end up in over draft (thanks to budgeting) but future you will hate past you if you have to spend your whole summer working to pay it off !
  2. Value food is actually pretty good – 20p beans, 50p bread are honestly fine, your pocket will thank you later.
  3. Don’t be THAT flatmate– For the sake of peace in the flat don’t be the flatmate that makes a mess and doesn’t clean up, or don’t be that flatmate that keeps everyone awake until 4 in the morning with your noise. You get the point, just be considerate of others.
  4. Have fun ! but don’t slack too much- first year is essentially an excuse to party and have fun and not worry too much about the consequences as first year grades don’t count . But do make sure you at least pass the course otherwise you wont be allowed to continue with the course !
  5. Embrace the highs and the lows– you will feel lonely at times, and lost, but trust me you are not the only one !!!! its a big change and your emotions are going to be running on over drive. But you will also have highs when you love it ! The freedom, the friends and the laughs. Sometimes it takes a while to find the people you really click with but don’t worry you will find the eventually !

That’s all for now folks. hopefully this post has filled you in a bit ! xx


Hey Guys, long time no post !

First and Foremost I would like to apologise for my inactivity over the last year. In truth I didn’t plan on stopping posting .The last year has been a roller coaster ! as I announced in my last post I had excepted a place and Bournemouth University to study Television production . As a result I got preoccupied with my social life, studies,  uni life in general and adjusting to living away from my family. However having completed my first year and since things have settled down Iv decided to give my blog another go !

I can’t promise regular posts at the moment but I’m planning to just go with the flow and see what happens !

until the next post! Byee xx

I Got into University !

Hey everyone ! 🙂

So as you can probably gather from the  Title…I GOT INTO UNIVERSITY !! Wooohoooooo. I cant believe I did it. I was looking at apprenticeships before my results even came out as I was sure that I would not get in.

So in September I’m off to do a Television Production degree and I’m buzzing ! I’m so excited ! Although I have so much to sort out its crazy. I literally haven’t bought any of my stuff for Uni as I didn’t even know I was going ! so I have a month to sort it all out which is a bit stressful haha. But Oh well ,I’m sure that I will get everything sorted in time.

But I will also admit . I’m so nervous ! Not about looking after myself though. I know that I can. I can cook, clean, budget and I’m very responsible. No, I’m worried about the home sickness, and loneliness. Particularly my little brother. He’s only 7 and I’m fiercely Protective of him. I’m worried that because he is so young that if I don’t see him for long periods of time , we will lose that special relationship. But there is always Skype I suppose, and I’m only 2 1/2 hours drive away so you can go there and back in a day.

So expect a Uni home ware and kitchen haul coming soon hah…you have been warned 😉

And I hope that you all had a fab results day ! lots of love xxx

Festival Fun Times…Hopefully


Hey everyone !

Tomorrow I head off to Bordmasters which is a music festival in down in Cornwall, and so far everything is going smoothly…no sign of rain in the forecast for this weekend….iv got my tickets…im going with four of my best girls friends….there’s just one problem. I HATE CAMPING. I know you’re probably wondering why I even decided to go on this trip, as I will be camping for 4 nights. Well when September rolls around we will all be going our separate ways and will not see each other very often. So this is one last chance for us to all go and have a good time.

But I’m planning to make the camping part as bearable as possible by making it as cosy and comfy as possible. we are sharing two tents between the 5 of us, a tent of 3 and a tent of 2. I’m in the tent of 3, and we have decided as well to draw on and decorate the outside of the tent as well which should be fun.

I get home on the Monday and then 3 days later is results day ! eek ! I’ll update you either on results day or the day after on how both Boardmasters and Results day went .

see you then ! xxx


How to Survive Results Day


A little while back I made a blog post entitled How to Survive Exams. So as a continuation of that I thought I would write about how to survive results day.

Just writing about results day is giving me butterflies haha. Is that a little sad ? probably. But with it looming around the corner I’ve found myself thinking more and more about it. What will my grades be ? will I go to university? will I get an apprenticeship ? will my family be proud of me ? will I be proud of myself ? But here is some of my advice for you (and myself) on how to get through it.

Get some sleep the night before

I know from experience that this can be a hard one. When I’m nervous I don’t sleep. But if you are tired then you will be less able to function correctly and on results day, especially for A levels you need to be able to make smart decisions. For example if I do by some miracle get into my first choice uni then I still have to book accommodation and pay deposits. If I don’t get in there are many decisions I will have to face. Like potentially going through clearing, or deciding not to go at all, or even undergoing the task of cancelling student loans. All of which I will need to be well rested for.

Maybe go without your friends and meet them later 

Going with friends can add extra pressure and concerns. I always used to worry about if my grades would be so much worse than everyone else. Also I was less able to show my emotions. I’m one of these people that if I want to cry , I hold it in entil I am in private. Equally if I am happy with my results I’m gonna want to shout it from the rooftops and allow myself to be happy. However when you’re with a friend who is upset about their results, you cant exactly act like you won the lottery. You end up having to down play your achievements and look after the other person. Which of course I would always want to comfort and look after my friend, which is actually what I ended up doing on AS results day. But still it kind of means I cant be proud of myself as that could be seen as rubbing it in to everyone else.

Grades don’t define you and have a back up plan

And remember even if it all goes wrong its not the end of the world ! I know it can feel like it at the time but as one door closes ,another opens. Take my friend that I mentioned earlier. She revised and worked like a trooper and yet on AS results day found that she had not achieved grades that allowed her to continue with A levels. However she is now doing a Btec in Health and social care and has realised that she wants to go into nursing ! if she hadn’t failed her AS levels she would never have discovered her passion !

I hope that this helps anyone who’s having kittens over results day like me ! do you have any ways of dealing with results day? if so leave them in the comments ! I would love to hear them and we can all support each other 🙂

I wish you all lots of love and luck xxx



A Trip to Primark


Good morning/ afternoon/ evening lovelies

I went on a bit of a road trip with my Dad and Sister the other day and found my self in the middle of a 4 story Primark !!! My excitement was uncontrollable haha. So I thought I would show you what I bought, seen as Primark is beginning to slowly but surely swap out the strappy tops and flip flops for warmer clothes, marking the approach of the colder months !!

DSC_0127This cosy sweatshirt was definitely the best bargain  I bagged as it was only £2 in the sale section !! I was actually looking for something like this to take to a festival I am going to in a week. As I am going to be camping I wanted something warm, cosy and comfortable to throw on in the evenings or if I got a bit chilly.

This top will also be ideal in the colder months for just wearing around the house, so this will be added to my collection of comfy chill out cloths haha.






This Jumper is just perfect. I find that with most jumpers I have to wear a top underneath as the woollen material, although warm, is very itchy and irritating on my skin. However the material on this jumper is quite smooth and not scratchy at all ! I can wear this without a top underneath no problem.

Its slightly cropped at the bottom, but not enough that my stomach is showing. If I wear high wasted jeans with it then my stomach stays warm ! haha






Again this skirt was definitely a savvy buy in terms of price ! I had been looking at buying a skirt like this for ages. And one my friends own an almost identical skirt from new look for Twenty something pounds. I got mine….drum roll please…. for £8 !!! so I am chuffed to bits with this purchase.

And I could get away with this skirt all year round. Im thinking add a jumper tucked in at the waist , black woollen tights and boots In the autumn/winter. Then wear it with a crop top and converse or vans in the summer ?



Finally I picked up a pair of these black Chelsea boots. I actually bought this exact pair of boots last year from Primark and they quickly became my go to shoes. However I wore them so much through out the year that eventually the sole ended up separating from the boot itself ! But considering I wore them constantly, and I mean like 5 or 6 out of the 7 days in the week in all weather and terrain they did me well. So I decided to pick up another pair for this year. If you’re interested I actually got them from the children’s section as I have size 5 feet and that’s the size shoe that the kids section in Primark goes up to.

I hope you enjoyed this little haul , I’ll see you next time ! xxx

Farewell Turkey


Hi everyone !!!

I’m now back from my holiday in Turkey !! and I can safely say I had a fabulous time ! the weather was gorgeous and it was about 38,39,40 degrees most days !

The process of getting there was very long and tiring haha but it was defo worth it. I had to get up at 2 in the morning in order to leave for the airport at 3 ! I was at the airport for 5 and flew at half 7. The flight was a total of 4 and a half hours which is the longest plane journey I have ever been on. But the flight was lovely and the time flew by ( get it… FLEW so hilarious…) walking off of the plane was like walking from a fridge into an oven haha it was crazy hot. It was then a two and a half hour coach journey to where we were staying but it was nice to just sit back and enjoy the new scenery.

I then spent my days roughly like this… wake up at about 9, throw on any old cloths no makeup and go for breakfast with my family. Eat and then go back to the apartment and get on our bikinis/ swim trunks and slather on the sun cream. Trundle our way over to the pool or go across to the beach with the water park ! chill, swim, read, relax. we would then go back to our room and depending on the time we would either go in the swim up pool for just a little longer or have a shower and get ready for dinner. After dinner we would go and grab quick drink at the bar and then the rest or the evening would usually consist of a family Uno battle or card games ( I have an intensely competitive family haha)

As you may have heard on the news, whilst I was there ,a military coup tried to take over the country. Thankfully I can say that it was all resolved very quickly and did not effect  the area where I was staying at all.

So now that I’m back I can get back into the swing of blogging again and I look forward to it !

I’ll see you in the next post ! xxx

Roadtrip Funzies and Last Minuite Shopping


Hey everyone.

Only 5 more days until I go on holiday ! so excited. Its crazy how much iv done everyday considering iv finished college and only work two days a week. Iv literally been out everyday day with my friends…at the beach, in town, going for a random drive and just chatting. However we have literally been everywhere and done everything within a 15 minute drive radius of where I live .So yesterday a group of 5 of us decided to jump in the car and head to the city for the day. It took about an hour so we had to kill time which mainly include singing Katy Perry’s ‘firework’ at the top of our lungs haha.


I took full advantage of the huge New look, much bigger than the one where I live, and picked up the last couple of things for my holiday. I got this kimono to use both as something to where out and as a cover up at the pool. Its handy as it covers my shoulders and arms so I don’t get burnt but is so thin and light that I wont get hot in it and feel like I’m roasting to death !

I also picked up this dress which in my mind I’m using as a dual purpose . I’m thinking it will be nice to wear in the evenings in turkey as it light and floaty and isn’t tight to my skin at all. the second propose is to use it as a night out fit , you know….clubbing. And I realized that it can be worn two ways !! either as it is, or what I’m doing for tonight (yesss I’m going out again shhh) is I’m going to wear it as a top and tuck it into a black skirt !! the dress is short enough so that it doesn’t stick out of the bottom and no one will ever know !


So this will probably be my last post before I go off to Turkey for a week. But do not fear !!! when I come back I will have plenty of stories and photos to share with you !!

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you in the next post! gooood byyeee





I Finally found it !!!

Hi Everyone !! 🙂

So I will warn you this post is a little bit random and a bit pointless…..ah well, its a day in the life of moi

About 5ish weeks ago a tragedy occurred…I lost my Mac Velvet teddy lipstick ! (If you don’t know already its my fave ever, ever, EVER. But anyways because it was then the exam period directly after I just sort of forgot about it as I was thinking about more important things than makeup haha ,and i barely wore any through out those few very intense weeks. However as I emerged from the exam period like Daenerys emerging from the flames a new women (sorry…Game of Thrones reference…I love that show !) And I began to invest a bit more time in my makeup ,remembered that my go to favourite lipstick was gone !! after searching every millimetre of my bedroom and house I accepted the fact that  I was going to have to either A, accept its disappearance and hoped it magically turned up eventually, if ever. Or B, buy another one. So me being as impatient as I am bought another  one about a week ago …

Fast forward to yesterday and as I’m stood in Weatherspoon’s waiting for the rain to stop so I can leg it to the town square to meet my friend I go to move my hair and my hand brushes the top pocket on my jacket. I realize that there is something inside. So I reach inside an pull out…THE ORIGINAL VELVET TEDDY LIPSTICK …hahahah  I’m such an idiot. I literally wear this jacket nearly every day and somehow I never thought to check that pocket. In my defence its a tiny little pocket and is in a weird place (over my boob area…) so yeah now I have two velvet teddy lipsticks haha. Its sods law that I cant find it for weeks and as soon as I buy another it turns up. And Mac lipsticks aren’t exactly cheap either…

But there you go, I hope you enjoyed this rather pointless story about how awkward I am haha. So entil next time… BBYYYEEEE